Crystal Clear Photo Enlargement. Avoid Jagged Edges.  Improves All Photos.
IMAGENER Digital Photo Enlargement Software is the Most Effective Way to Blow Up a Picture and Sharpen the Result. Don't struggle with old techniques when enlarging digital photos that give weak blurry results.....

Create Massive, Magnified Pictures. This is the Function Photoshop® Left Out

How To Use Imagener and MS Paint to Create a Portrait

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Photo Enlargement That Gives Photos New Life

Finally a way to create huge images to see hidden details
or to create huge signs, posters and wall murals

Five years ago a good friend of mine was expressing how sad she was that she had become distant from her father. She missed him terribly but over the years they talked less and less. Going through old photos she discovered the only picture of herself with her father as an infant and realized how valuable it was to her.

I told her she *must* get the photo digitally scanned so it would be preserved and she did. Then I saw an expression that wasn't immediately apparent, so I suggested we put the photo through photo enlargement software.

Imagener Photo Enhancement Example Original

When we did, she noticed so much more of the expression on her father's face that she began to cry! “I never really saw this picture before. I never really saw my Dad look at me this way. I can see the feeling on his face that I never noticed before. He really did love me!”

Can you afford to NOT KNOW what photo enlargement software can show you?

Notice the detail in the distance that shows up with the Imagener enlargement. Notice the vehicle in the distance toward the top left of the image. Also notice how the detail in the water shows up. Photoshop®

Clear Magnification

or Paint Shop Pro® cannot enlarge images with this level of detail intact.

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You can discover amazing new scenes and uncover stunning detail in your photos by ENLARGING them. Most photos have a whole world of undiscovered imagery that is invisible without photo enlargement.

Blow Up Images to Massive Sizes with
Imagener Unlimited

Picture before enlargement    

Imagener Unlimited is unlike any software in the world. It has seven different enlargement engines inside, the most powerful of which is a sophisticated enlargement engine that was created in the labs of a 3-D gaming company.

This enlargement engine, called the Imagener Unlimited Enlargement Engine is performing a 3 stage transformation of the image as opposed to a straight enlargement algorithm used in all other photo enlargement software. You can't buy a more powerful way to blow up pictures to massive sizes no matter what the price!

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Over 14 Years Mature

Imagener was released by a world-class programming team in 1996, but the early versions date back to as far as 1992. Developed in Rotterdam, Netherlands, Imagener has been revised and improved over many years for picture enlargement quality, memory management and enlargement levels.

Imagener Photo Enlargement
1992 First versions of Imagener specifications commissioned
1996 Early commercial release of Imagener in The Netherlands
2002 Imagener Professional developed using the full object-oriented C++ programming language and adding Resharping
2004 Imagener Unlimited released adding the ability to enlarge images up to the limit of memory in the computer

Are you ready for this?  Imagener is the most sophisticated software to blow up a photo available at any price. This software is different because (well first off, because absolutely NOBODY has this revolutionary algorithm - the brains of a program - that has been developed for over ten years using the object-oriented programming language C++.)

Most people don't know this, but it is possible to get a better result out of today's highly capable software than can be achieved with a photo enlarger in a photography shop. These machines look like huge microscopes and costs into the tens of thousands of dollars. Intelligently programmed software really can outperform these machines!

The reason? Photo enlargement machines read from a printed version of a photo. Paper restricts how much resolution - microscopic pixel information - an image can keep. As soon as a picture is printed out either on a printer or from a film developer the photo has lost a lot of its resolution. Using photo enlargement software skips this resolution lowering step.

Kneson Software,

I have been looking for this for years. I have used all the professional image resizing packages (Photoshop®, etc.) and you know the results. With Imagener I can double or triple the size of my photo images with incredible clarity. It's everything you said it was!

- Barry Sweet

Photo enlargement software analyzes more of the picture for enlargement because it can "see" more than just height and width. Imagener analyzes photos using all of an image's information - the height and width combined with the dots-per-inch and granularity.

Before digital images, photo enlargement was performed with massive hardware photo enlargers (see right). These machines are still available today, but they can only "see" what is already printed on paper. This is a disadvantage because once a photo is printed on paper it has relatively low resolution. Photo printing is rarely very dense. In digital form, photos can be enlarged, sharpened and enhanced using three measurement dimensions: 1) width * height, 2) DPI or dots-per-inch and 3) granularity or image depth. Imagener uses all aspects of a digital image to perform enlargement and sharpening better than a hardware enlarger ever could.

Hardware Photo Enlarger

Hardware Photo Enlargers

3 Product Levels

Imagener Enhanced intelligently analyzes wide areas around each pixel to precisely enlarge images. Imagener Enhanced uses our exclusive Kneson Progressive enlargement engine to analyze pixels and calculate a gradient color spectrum matrix, then performs enlargement based on incoming color gradient changes from all directions to produce enlargements of 200-300% without quality loss. Imagener Photo Enlargement
Imagener Professional has all the Enhanced version features plus the revolutionary Kneson Progressive++ enlargement engine that allows enlargements up to 400% (four times) their original size without quality loss. The Kneson Progressive++ Enlargement Engine is a revolutionary interpolation technology that goes far beyond methods used by other photo programs costing hundreds of dollars. Amazing enlargements appear from your digital images.
Imagener Unlimited is the world's first raster to vector enlargement technology. It converts pixels into vectors for enlargement. Imagener Unlimited contains all of the features of:
Imagener Enhanced  
Imagener Professional  
Imagener outperforms photo kiosks

“I compared an enlargement from a photo kiosk at my local pharmacy to a photo enlarged with Imagener Enhanced. The Imagener enlargement was much clearer!” 

-N. Henderson

Imagener Resharpening
Improves All Images

We all have a tendency to see photos or digital images as somewhat "soft" and out-of-focus. You would think scanning photos at a very high resolution would sharpen them but that's not the case. All scanned images need moderate sharpening, even those scanned on high-end scanners.

Any digital photo can be sharpened to look better. It turns out that Imagener Professional and Imagener Unlimited sharpens images better than just about any photo software on the market.

Imagener is unique in that it has slider bars for the Unsharp Mask or as we call it in the program "Resharp." Also, Imagener is the only program we've found that shows you the effects of the Resharp function on a full size view of the image. Hopefully this information will get you using the Resharp function in Imagener on all your photos, even if you are not enlarging them. Imagener Resharpening Slider Controls

Take a look at the two images below. Scan your eyes back and forth across each as you notice:

  • The green hillside on the right hand side - notice how the left image is sharper.
  • The "tundra" looking terrain on the right hand side. Notice the increased clarity from the original.
  • The snow patterns in the distant mountains. Notice how the edges are more defined than in the original.
  • Image before resharpening with Imagener Same photo after sharpening with Imagener

    Imagener Professional and Unlimited gives you this sharpening capability that you can use to improve ALL images whether you enlarge them or not.

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    Enhance Old Photos
    Preserve Family Images

    We had a customer that wanted to preserve a photo from 1941. The photo was one of a kind of course, and the real challenge was how small it was. Notice its size compared to the size of a quarter. See photo to the right Small image from 1941

    The resulting picture (below) astonished the customer! Features on the face that were not noticeable or visible before enlargement sprang up, and now the image was suitable for printing and framing. Imagener had resurrected this photo and given it new life!

    Imagener gave this image new life by enlarging and sharpening the tiny original!

    When people have the misfortune of experiencing a house fire, what are the first things they try to save? Family photos. This is because these items are the most precious — the most irreplaceable items that any of us probably own.

    Restoring old photos with Imagener is nothing short of magic. Photo restoration and repair of family pictures can be priceless - especially when you see detail in old photos that you did not see before with the naked eye.

    Use Imagener to FORCE Resolution Into Images

    Ever have an image that is 72 or 96 dots per inch resolution you've been told isn't good enough for printing? Would you like to be able to increase the dots per inch (DPI) resolution but keep the photo the exact same size? This article demonstrates how Imagener is one of the few software technologies that can do this. Steps are noted in the below graphic where needed.

    Add Resolution to Images Steps Graphic

    Step 1. Find Image Resolution

    Let's say you've just been told a photo you want to send to a printer isn't dense enough. Imagener can resolve this. Find the resolution of the image in what's called dots per inch or DPI. All Imagener products display the resolution in the resolution box as soon as you load an image. Make a note of this number - most printing companies will say an image needs at least 200 dots per inch (again - "DPI") but 300 DPI or above is better.

    Step 2. Record Current Size of Image

    Once the image is loaded into Imagener and you've written down the resolution, click the down arrows next to Width and Height and select pixels. Write down the width and height for the image in pixels before doing anything else. Pixels are the tiny dots that make up a digital image.

    Step 3. Change Enlargement Engine

    For this operation you should choose the Kneson Progressive++ enlargement engine by clicking the drop down arrow next to Resample Method. Do not use the Imagener Unlimited enlargement engine because part of this technique involves downsizing the image and Imagener Unlimited should never be used in any step of a downsize operation.

    Step 4. Input Desired Resolution

    Once you have the Width and Height written down, simply input the resolution number you want in the resolution box and click Resize. Do not change the Width and Height numbers, just change the resolution to at least 200 for 200 dots per inch.

    Step 5. Resize to Original Dimensions

    The image will enlarge in the Result window. After it finishes, make sure 'Pixels' are chosen in the drop down box for both Width and Height, then input the original numbers that you wrote down back in for Width and Height. Then click resize again.

    Step 6. Save New High Resolution Image

    Done. Now your new image is the exact same width and height, only now it has the resolution you need. Save the image being careful to give it a new name so you don't overwrite the original.


    Look at the two images below. The top one is 72 DPI and the bottom is 300 DPI after these two operations through Imagener.

    72 DPI Sunset photo

    300 DPI Sunset image

    Try this technique with your images if you just need to increase their resolution without increasing their size.

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    Massive Clear Photos are
    Just Around The Corner

    Picture yourself able to blow up any photo to massive proportions or forcing any photo to be the resolution you want. Imagine all of the new things you will find in your photos and new uses for them just as we continuously do here in our labs.

    And it gets better...

    checkDiscover the SEVEN distinct enlargement engines inside Imagener Unlimited
    checkUse Imagener directly with Photoshop PSD files
    checkBecome an expert at enlarging photos through our newsletters and articles
    checkMultiple Enlargement Engines, Resharpening and Granularity control give you dozens of options
    checkTake advantage of the only full image resharpening function.
    checkOptions to create posters and wall murals from YOUR OWN PHOTOS
    checkAnd much more!

    The problem is, photo software does everything to EDIT images, but nothing to ENLARGE them. You can search the Internet and you'll find other photo enlargement products -- some costing hundreds more than the Imagener product line, but none have Imagener's revolutionary technology.

    Which is why we developed, for YOU, the one program that makes photos bigger like nothing else does...

    But -- you don't just have to take our word for it...

    See What a Few Of Our Good Friends Have to Say!

    "Imagener has helped me in situations where Photoshop® could not."

    "Your software product is clearly worth every penny ......

    I depend on this program to create clear enlargements. Imagener was the only product we found that could do what we needed.

    — LeGrant Harshaw - Greensboro, NC USA

    "I can double or triple the size of my photo images with incredible clarity. It's everything you said it was!"

    "Our organization holds a Christmas party complete with Santa and donated toys each year for disadvantaged children. We needed a way to enlarge the photos for presentation at fund raising events. Imagener was the only solution we found that worked...

    Thanks to Kneson Software for all your help with our organization - :)

    — Phil C. - Buffalo NY

    "Your application is BY FAR, the BEST Image resizer I have ever seen!"

    I have been looking for you for 10 years. I have used all the professional image resizing packages (Photoshop®, etc.) and you know the results. I can double or triple the size of my photo images with incredible clarity. It's everything you said it was!

    — Barry Sweet - Estes Park, Colorado, USA

    Several of our customer friends have transformed images into huge wall murals, wall posters, entirely new images that are enlarged parts of photos and even FULL VEHICLE WRAPS thanks to the REVOLUTIONARY IMAGENER TECHNOLOGY... so we could go on and on with testimonials from raving fans and happy customers.

    But this is about you -- transforming YOUR precious images into amazing sharp enlargements...

    AND -- We're so confident that Imagener will vastly increase your photography options and turn your into photos into works of art no other product could produce that we are willing to remove EVERY OUNCE of risk with our...

    100% Black Belt Money Back
    Satisfaction Guarantee...

    If you’re serious about giving your photos new life and displaying them in MASSIVE proportions then you owe it to yourself to get started right away as there's ZERO risk to you.

    Our guarantee speaks for itself... you TRULY have nothing to lose, and potentially life changing photography to gain!

    Don't Wait, Get Your Copy of Imagener

    Order CD. Quantity Discount. Order CD. Quantity Discount. Order CD. Quantity Discount.

    Massive Photo Enlargement
    and Sharpening Functionality

    Power-packed Functions
    included in every copy of Imagener...

    Imagener has a matrix of functionality not found in other photo enlargement products.

    It is not software that edits or changes the contents of images. The revolutionary Imagener technology only changes your images in terms of their appearance without changing any of the contents.

    Best of all, Imagener is not expensive to learn or to implement, either in terms of time or of money. Its ease of use will have you enlarging images like a Pro in minutes.

    Here's just a hint of what you're soon be able to do:

    checkEnlarge images up to MASSIVE PROPORTIONS!
    checkSee details and pieces of photos not visible before
    checkSee previously unseen facial expressions and emotions
    checkIncrease your library of useable imagery
    checkS-t-r-e-t-c-h images clearly as if they were rubber
    checkSharpen ALL images - enlarged or not!
    checkEXPERIMENT with dozens of enlargement combinations
    checkAnd that's just the tip of the iceberg...

    The ability to enlarge your photos clearly will EXCITE YOU once you see them blown up -- much more than you can believe.

    Even More Testimonials

    "Imagener is better than sliced bread!"

    It does WONDERFUL things to my 6 MB pictures; I have been using a Pentax *istD and the mountain shots I've been taking are a joy to behold when I enlarge them with Imagener.

    — Derek O'Brien - Queensland, Australia

    "I am lost without Imagener !"

    — Professor M. Ravetto - Johannesburg, S.A.

    Now Here's The Bad News...
    This is a very limited opportunity; one that CANNOT continue long so that we can preserve the value for our customers... The Imagener photo enlargement technology is truly revolutionary and because of its technological excellence and the cost to develop its next version and maintain the current program, this pricing will not last! We highly encourage you to join all our other satisfied customers and give yourself the ability to sharpen and enlarge images today!

    Order CD. Quantity Discount. Order CD. Quantity Discount. Order CD. Quantity Discount.

     "Imagener has helped me in situations where Photoshop® could not.
        I depend on this program."

    -- Tyler Caventes, Mexico

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